Why, oh why y-seams?

One of the February mini quilt swap themes is paper piecing. I was so excited to give this method another try (this was my 1st attempt). I found a star pattern, made 9 blocks and read/watched some y-seam tutorials. Ah, this seems doable. I sat down in front of my sewing machine fully expecting a few issues but no major problems. Boy was I wrong. 2 hours later I figured out that if took the blocks apart I could sew them together in such a way to avoid y-seams altogether (this is a very, very good discover as the y-seams were awful). Ok, let's go that route. Fast forward 1 hour...I have 1 block successfully separated and the rest are in the trash. Why? Because I riped holes in the fabric w/ the seam ripper, tore the blocks in half out of frustration and, basically, called it quits. Now I have another mini to finish (barely started it last night) and get postmarked by 2/28. Yes, I could be late. Yes, my swap partner assured me she would understand. However, I don't consider that an option. I don't want to be known as a late swapper!

Meanwhile, I am prepping the fabric to send out to my PTQB group as March is my month! This, too, is do out on/by 02/28. I am really excited about my blocks. We are doing spiderweb blocks w/ Kona white and 1930's reproduction fabric. Oh, and it's paper pieced - a 1st for most of the PTQB group. They all were willing to give paper piecing a go. Here's a photo of some of the fabric (not all fabrics appear in the picture).


  1. Sara,
    I couldn't see any of the photos here, even if I clicked the flickr logo on the corner.

  2. I've been swooning over those fabrics for a while now! I can't wait to see what comes of them.

  3. I think your little quilt looks great Sara! I had some trouble with the paper piecing mini too. Mostly I think I just did not have the patience to fiddle with those tiny little pieces...oy. Crazy! :)

  4. Oy, I'm not happy to see that you had trouble with the y-seams. I'm planning to do an attic windows that is all y-seam. Yikes!