February Musings

I miss the days of being unavailable and out of contact. I like coming home to a message on the answering machine. Oh, the light is blinking. Who can it be? Is it good news? A seldom heard from friend or family member? Well, thanks to cell phones, Skype, Sametime and Linkedin I am accessible pretty much 24-7. And now the invitation to join Facebook? Why? I mean, really, why? I already communicate with everyone that I care to. Does the world really need another way to find me? Can't we keep the mystery alive a little longer?

This week I received a fabulous paper pieced quilt from Cindy, my Feb S.T.U.D. partner. It reminds me so much of spring (as Cindy intended). I've always loved the pineapple pattern. She included some lovely extras, too (fabric, chocolate, stickers and a gardening magazine). Cindy set the bar high. I've started on her mini and will have it done and out by the end of the month if not sooner.
I also received this package from Kathy, Jan's S.T.U.D. partner. Isn't this the best valentine ever? Kathy found this in a Japanese magazine and recreated it for me (the magazine was all in Japanese). One cannot forget the terrific extras she sent as well. I love sending notes to friends and will put those note cards to good use! What a generous lady!
And here is the mini that I sent to my other Feb S.T.U.D. partner. The theme was 'Anything Goes". My partner recently redid her sewing room in aqua and red and I took my cue from that.


  1. Don't get on Facebook unless you are prepared to be addicted! I joined a couple years ago as a way to keep in touch with my widely scattered family (and it does work well for that, I must admit), and it's been an addiction ever since! ~ Jennie

    PS- I love the minis you both sent and received!

  2. haha...agree with Jennie about FB. She's telling the truth:)
    I like the pattern of the red aqua quilt. Lovely.

  3. those pineapples are bright and happy but mostly I love that last quilt in red white and blue - excellent!

  4. Those quilts are so cute!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, the mini blogs that I've done are Dear Jane blocks. If you google Dear Jane you'll find the book (and CD and rules). Also, you can go to thatquilt.blogspot.com. Anina is doing a quilt-along for the book and I am frantically trying to catch up!

  5. love the mini quilt! i like just the hint of aqua that you used.