Holiday ... bah humbug!

Happy President's Day. For those of you that get the day off I hope you enjoy it. But, can you do me a favor? Don't ask if I had the day off. Don't rub it in. Don't remind me that my next paid holiday is not until Memorial Day. Like many of the working stiffs out there, I don't have a holiday today. I didn't get MLK Jr. Day off either. And, yes, I have to work on Good Friday. I am feeling a bit snarky today. It started when I woke up late for work. I extricated myself from bed (where one great dane was laying across my legs and on husband was snoring away) , ran through the shower and rushed out the door. Oh, the dog and husband? Enjoying a week at home since DH has the week off. Me? Jealous? Not really. Just anxious. Anxiously awaiting my next paid holiday - in May! May, people! That's 3+ months away! Ah, ok, I'm done.

On a bright note, look at the fantastic mini that came in the mail on Saturday. Cindy, my Feb swap partner, made this paper pieced mini and sent along a bunch of goodies (fabric, chocolate and a gardening magazine). Doesn't it just scream Spring? It reminds me of crocus. It makes me very happy!
Just One More...trip past the office candy bowl w/o taking anything, bottle of water, set of pushups.


  1. Don't feel bad, I hear ya on the working holiday. If I had a job I wouldn't have had off either and I worked Christmas AND New Years so I am right there with ya. DH had to work too so I feel for you! But I do love that mini quilt!

  2. Why are you looking at this now? Aren't you supposed to be working?