Mini quilt #1

Ya-ha-whoey!!! I am done with January's mini-quilt swap. This is the 1st project I started and completed so far this year. It is also the 1st time I have done foundation paper piecing and I learned a few things along the way: use tiny stitches (1.5 stitch length on my Pfaff worked well), mist the paper to help remove it from small, tight corners (which this one had a few of), measure twice and cut once and have fun! I really like how cheerful the reproduction fabrics look. All I have left to do is wash it, put the label on the back and send it off (w/ some goodies) to my January swap partner. Guess what? It's snowing, once again! Our average snowfall through Jan. 14 is 56.3 inches. This year we had 95.4 inches as of Jan 14th!!!

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  1. is this a spiderweb block, sara? a friend wants me to make her one and i've never done paper piecing...yikes. how was it?