Still sick...

What have I accomplished in the month+ since I last posted? Not much besides gathering 400+ 2.5" squares to be made in to hexies, a few virtual bee blocks. Oh, and I'm almost done knitting a sweater (my 1st attempt) for the baby. Photos to come......

Speaking (eh, typing) of baby, she's rolling from front to back and back to front (just to her left not her right yet) and has been eating green beans and carrots! Cannot believe she's 5+ months already. "They" sure are right - the time does fly!

June's Buzz Cuts block for Jennie (Sunflowerquilts). I did not particularly enjoy cutting out all the 1.5" squares (wanted more variety than I felt I could get with strip piecing) and my piecing seems a bit 'wonky' but I do love the block (and adore the grey polka dot fabric). Jennie's going to have a great looking quilt when it's all said and done.

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