Someone call the doctor.

I've been bitten - bad!!!! Within the last 3 weeks I've participated in 2 charm pack swaps, ordered 10 charm packs and cut up 60+ squares. Squares for what? Squares for a hexagon project. I now have 400+ 2.5" squares sitting in my sewing room. It's a disease. No, I have no concrete plan or idea. I've made a few sketchs and I have a couple of, "oh, that's too cool - I want to make that" ideas but nothing written in stone yet. I wanted a project that I could take with me on summer vacation and hexies seem to fit the bill.

Meanwhile, I need to finish up (at least get the last seam done and press it) a bargello quilt I started a few weeks back.

Mmm, maybe I'll just cozy up in the overstuffed easy chair for a while.....Happy sewing!


  1. I have never tried making hexies...they seem a bit daunting to me - but I might have to give them a go!! Cant wait to see yours :)

  2. Where did you find how to do the hexies? I've seen them EVERYWHERE, but can't find how to do them.
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