Monday, Monday

We had an interesting weekend. The weather was great for walks at the local State Park (how lucky am I that we have an amazing State Park w/i 5 miles of our house), working in the yard and organizing my space (more on that later). All the positives were overshadowed by the unexpected death of a long time family friend last Friday.
Sometime since my last post I finished up Stephanie's block for the PTQB. I really like the fabric she sent. My initial design was to sew the block w/o having to do any pieced strips. Well, that did not work out and I'm actually happy about that as I really like the way her block came out.A sunny spring day at Green Lakes State Park. There were lots of runners, walkers and other dogs. Odin was spent after the 3+ mile walk.


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  2. I really like the block - and I'm sure Odin loved getting outside this weekend. I know my dogs were!

  3. the block's color is lovely.
    Glad to know you've got lovely weather too there.

  4. oh wow! seeing him next to your hubby, he is really big!!