Beware of Dog!

Warning....if you are afraid of large dogs do not read any further.
Warning...photos of aggressive, attack dog below...

Charity Dog Wash - 1st time gettin a bath at doggy day care - don't think he liked it!


  1. :) He looks just about at scary as my big wussy dog!

  2. I know it's just his face that's so scary..:)
    Actually my kids and I love dog very much. We ever had a puppy years ago, but since 2 of my kids have been diagnosed asthma and allergic so...we can't keep dog anymore. So sad for them.. :(

  3. Poor thing! Looks like he is saying Mom do I have to?

  4. Great pictures! Danes are gentle giants. My best friend has 2 danes that fight to sit on my lap when I go over. They obviously didn't read the memo that they weren't lap dogs. I have 2 dachshunds that have serious Napoleon syndrome. They go after the Danes when they see them. Go figure!

  5. So cute. I love when dogs get that defeated look on their face. I love Great Danes but my hubby refuses to let me get one.