Bees, Swaps and Winnings

I've been away (week away for work and Easter weekend with family) and I have so much to tell you. While I was away I received 4 more blocks from the PTQB. A few of the blocks are a different size than the others. Not sure how that happened but I love the scrappy look of them so I'm not changing a thing!

I also received
Stephanie's fabric for PTQB. She's asked for a Log Cabin block and sent along some great fabrics. I'll get that block stitched up and in the mail by Friday.

I purchased the goods to send to my April Choco & Fabric swap partner, Tracy. I bought the chocolate and fabric from small shops in St. Lawrence County, NY. I'm going to add a few more items before I send the goods out on Friday. I also received my mini for the Mini Quilt in a Bag Swap - Round 2 from John. I sent him a pack of charm squares and he made this great mini. I love it and cannot wait to hang it up. It's some cheery and cozy.
I received March's S.T.U.D. from Kara-Lee. I just love the colors she used. Isn't it great.
In March I was the winner in 2 giveaways (I posted about the one item here). The items arrived before I left town but I just did not have time to post about the goodies. I won this pillow from Karen (the picture is from Karen's blog). The pillow is made from selvedges / salvages (really, which is the correct spelling). I just love it. Right now it's in our office but it will be moving to my sewing room in a matter of days. The fabric is from Sis Boom (Jennifer Paganelli). You know, I might not have picked them out in the store but I have to say that I love them and already have a few ides brewing.
In my never-ending, OCD way of organization and desire to organize my sewing room, I finally purchased a small cabinet that, I hope, will hold my stash. I cannot tell you how long it took me to decide what to get (I ended up w/ a $30.00 piece from Lowe's). I looked at Ikea, Lowes, Container Store, Craigslist, etc. I looked at everything from a credenza, dresser, linen cabinet, china hutch, etc. I just could not commit and feared making the wrong choice. The unit is home and needs to be assembled. In the meantime, I've started to refold some of the fabrics using this technique. I really thought it would be boring and too time consuming. So far, it's going ok (although I am just getting started) and the fabric looks neat and orderly....just the way I like it.

My favorite place...My pop went to the cottage just before Easter to assess any winter damage and get ready to open it up for the season. Now that I am in NY I don't get to the cottage as much as I'd like to. However, we still manage ~1 week per summer. Too bad we are not independently wealthy and have to work or else I'd be there all summer long. Snow still on the ground on 04/09/09.


  1. I remember that pillow....
    Lucky you to win it :)

  2. If it was my block - I would be happy to try again. Let me know.

  3. Nice - you have all sorts of pretty things to show us. The pillow is amazing.

  4. Odin wants to go swimming now, thank you.