Winning Streak

Maybe I should play the lottery. I have never been a winner of raffles, drawings, contests, games of chance, etc. Until this year. I've won a few fabric and swap prizes this year (blogged here). This morning, sitting in my email inbox was the super terrific, holy-cow-are-you-sure-it's-my-number email from Karen telling me I had won the selvage pillow giveaway on her blog. I love selvages, no, I covet them. Ever since I started reading Karen's blog and came across Jodie's amazing creations (poke around Jodie's blog and look at all the cool stuff she creates), I have been saving selvages. I am so excited and cannot wait for the pillow to arrive. Luckily, Karen and I live in the same state so, hopefully, it won't take long for the USPS to deliver the goods.

Late last week I finished up the last of the March virtual bee blocks. Good thing, too, as I've already received April fabric for 2 of the virtual bees I am in. I was able to get 2 full blocks from the fabric that Sarah sent as part of Another Quilting Bee 1. Sarah sent out some great orange / white / green / pink fabrics. I really enjoyed working with the fabrics and plan to add some to my personal stash.


  1. Those look so cool...Congrats on winning the pillow, I might have to make my own. Still have a long way to go to collect enough selvages tho.

  2. Found your blog on the Selvage Blog, your Great Dane Sara caught my eye - I have a Great Dane also, Daisy Mae. And I'm working on a selvedge quilt!