Bits & Pieces

I made this mini (measures ~11 1/4 inch square) for my March S.T.U.D. partner. I've had this quilt on the radar for a while now and thought that a mini would be a good size to try. My deluded self thought this would be a quick and easy quilt to do. Ah, well, it was not hard so much as time consuming and a bit frustrating. I followed this great tutorial. Piecing the individual squares went quickly. Laying out the squares and assembling them into a top took me a long, long time (considering I thought I'd have this done in 2 hours). I arranged and re-arranged and sewed more blocks, cut off part of blocks that I had sewn (I really hate doing that --- it kind of feels like a waste of time, energy and materials) and, finally, pieced it together. I kept the quilting simple and random (it actually shows up pretty good in the photo below).I learned a number of things with this project: 1) I did not enjoy the process enough to do it again (w/o serious motivation from an outside source - like someone sitting next to me saying, "here, sew this together..."); 2) I am in to squares, simple and clean lines right now, and 3) I really, really am loving making minis w/o a binding. I love that there is nothing to stop your eye and the field is complete. I wanted the color to run right off the side of the quilt and felt that a binding was not going to work for me and this mini.


  1. Sara, it's a cute mini quilt...
    Thanks for the link of tutorial.

  2. Love the mini quilt! Know what you mean about being into minis. I guess that is also whay it is such fun to be in a quilting bee. You only have to do one block of any design!

  3. I love the clean fresh look of this this sweet little quilt! Speaking of clean and fresh... Daisy Mae had a birthday bath the other day, she turned 9! I've made her one quilt, she loves it - I'll post another pic of her and Sophie soon...

  4. You got a great result!!
    I also found it hard to finally get something that was square/rectangular. It took me a long time to finally finish it.
    - Muriël