An early spring and giveways!

Before I start rambling, take a minute to check out the Kimberly Bag pattern from Amy Butler giveaway at The Fabric Shopper.

While your bouncing around out there, go and sign up for Alison's
great giveaway.

Saturday the temperature hit 50! No winter jacket needed. Now, I am not silly enough to think that winter is officially over here in central NY. But, it sure would be nice! Odin got a nice long walk Saturday, Sunday and today. He's not a cold weather fan and during the winter he does not get nearly the exercise he deserves. Me? I need to get back in to shape or I am going to have a miserable summer (as hard as I try, I let my self perception limit me from doing things....I know better but...).

I went to another class at
Nadine's on Saturday. We did some cutwork embroidery on white fabric to make a pillow case (that I have yet to sew together). Not necessarily a style that I would put on clothes for myself but I can see using it for gifts (wedding, baby, etc). Next time I'll buy pillowcases on sale to use for cutwork. I'll post a picture as soon it's completed.

This weekend I completed
Stephanie's block for the Pieced Together Quilting Bee. I've never done hand embroidery and I quite enjoyed it. There is something relaxing about it. I'll definitely do some more!
I finished up 4 blocks for Kathy in this bee. She sent us a focus fabric to be included somewhere in every block. I think I need to do reading on color values, etc as I really don't think my blocks highlight the focus fabric. The 3rd block is not quite to size (middle picture). I did not have enough of the blue fabric to frame the left and right sides and I did not want to piece it. Kathy said she has extra fabric so she'll be able to finish that block to the correct size. The 4th block is truly a scrappy block. It is not trimmed to size yet - figure I'll let Kathy decide how (if) she wants to use it in the quilt.


  1. I've seen your embroidery at Stephanie's blog, so cute!! It seems you're very productive this week :)

  2. This weather is wonderful isn't it? I can't wait for spring! I like the embroidery, I have never done it, but I like that one. Your blue and yellow blocks are great! I love those colors together!