Ticking off

That's what I am doing. Ticking things off my March list. This weekend I finished up a mini quilt for my swap partner,John, put together the goods for my March A Little Fabric A Little Chocolate Swap partner (picture below) and cut green and yellow charm square for a swap-bot.com swap. If you are my swap partner and don't want to ruin the surprise....stop reading now!! I sent along a fabric cuff from the pattern found at: http://www.jchandmade.typepad.com./ It was fun and a quick project to make. The fabric note cards were a first for me and I'll definitely be making more.I joined Round 2 of the Mini Quilt In A Bag swap and John is my partner. For this round we sent our partner a charm pack (John sent me a Flutterby charm pack), batting and backing fabric. I, of course, did not read the directions correctly and forgot to send John the backing fabric and batting. Alas, I felt so guilty that I had to include some extra goodies w/ John's mini (I understand that John is on a bit of a fabric buying freeze). I took me a good while to decide what I was going to do w/ the charms (I used a portion of all but 4 squares). Even after I had a plan and began laying out the blocks out I was still just not feeling it. Fast forward 2 days and the top is now sewn together and --- I Love It! I want to keep it. I kept the quilting simple and turned the quilt instead of using a binding. I wanted the top to extend all the way out to the sides. I did, for the first time ever, do some embellishing on the quilt top. I could have added a lot more but figured I better keep it simple. Next time...the sky's the limit!
Before you do anything else, go check out the giveaway on Amy's blog!


  1. I really love that mini quilt with the charms. I am going to have to dig out some of my charms and see if I can do something as good!

  2. Oh my...your mini quilt is lovely!!

  3. I love the Flutterby fabrics! Your mini looks great :)