Snow, cold and soup

They just kind of go together, don't they? Some area schools were delayed and/or let out early today. Man, how I miss snow days. Too bad we don't get them as adults. But, I do have some terrific homemade soup to enjoy on this cold, snowy day. Now, I just have to get it to thaw out so I can heat and eat!

Mitch Albom wrote a
great article about Detroit. If you are not familiar with his writing, I encourage you to take a look. Mitch captured the spirit of Detroit and it's residents (which I would expand to include those living in the metro area). When asked where I am from I proudly say, "the Detroit area." I lived my 1st 18 years were one mile from the Detroit city border. I went to the Thanksgiving Day parade, Greek Town, concerts, university, hospital, too many bars / restaurants / coney islands to recall. I've driven the wrong way down a one-way street. I have never, ever felt threatened or scared by the environment I was in. If anything, I feel a mixed sense of hope at what the city was and could be and a deep sadness for all the people that rely on what the media says about Detroit - the ones who have never set foot in the city limits but claim that Detroit is a lost cause, the ones that don't want to give a great city another chance.

Here's a sneak peak at my 1st swap which also happens to be my 1st project started in 2009.

While I was on the tmill he was curled up on the couch.


  1. Hello! I found you from Project Improv and wanted to welcome you to blogland. I am a newbie here, too, and I am really enjoying it. I have gotten so much inspiration and already have done some quilty things I never would have thought of on my own.

    I see we're in two of the same projects- I'm in the B&W one, plus the Project Improv.

    You have made a nice start with your new blog and I like the name! For mine I just used a phrase I say A LOT, and so it popped into my head right away. We have 3 cats and 2 are still young so I am always yelling, "GIT DOWN KITTY!" as they shred my curtains or knock things off the tip-top of my desk. :o)

  2. thanks Sara for visiting my blog.
    I do love Mitch Albom's writing. I have 2 of his novel. hei..so we're all in the same 2 projects for quilting? haha...Oh, world seems small:) keep in touch.