One done!

I finished the binding on a doll quilt I was making for a friend's grandchild. Now I only have 1 more pink one to make. I do like the speed at which the doll quilts go together and, so far, I've only used material from my stash. My new machine and I had a few arguments over the free motion quilting on this one. It won this round and I just tied the top instead of stipple quilting it. There is snow on the ground so I took the photos inside (front, back and machine embroidered flower). I really need to work w/ my digital camera more so the photos are not blurry.

We saw Gran Torino Friday night. It was a good movie. I may be biased given that I am from metro Detroit and that is where the film took place and was shot. On the other hand, I am not the biggest Clint Eastwood fan although I do respect his talent. If you are interested in seeing it I'd suggest going to a matinee - it was good but not necessarily full ticket price worthy.


  1. the pinks/reds are gorgeous...and i adore the pics of your great dane! wanted to thank you for your visits to my blog during my birthday celebration...i truly appreciate it! ☺

  2. I really like the idea of the embroidered flower. Really a personal touch.