On the road

I am traveling this week for work so no sewing until this weekend. I hope to get a block for Project Improv done and finish cutting out fabric for my nephew's quilt.

Just One More good decision made: I avoided Starbucks in O'Hare airport! But, I did not avoid the one in Grand Rapids. That is ok b/c I ordered a small when I wanted a venti and I got a sugar free instead of full on sugar and whip cream. Also, I had tuna fish for lunch. Making positive food choices while traveling can be a challenge for me (made even harder when traveling w/ others who like to eat a lot). So far so good. Only 3 more days and 5 flights to go! Give me strength!

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  1. Hi Sara,
    thanks for your comment at my blog.
    I hope you enjoy your traveling very much.
    Your doll quilting is great. About the project improv, why don't you join me to make curve lines...and get dizzy together in sewing it :)