I won!

I am part of a group and won this round's fat quarters (FQ). There are ten participants and over the next few weeks I will be receiving a FQ from each of them. And you know the best part? I get to start and choose the winner of the next round. It is quite a feeling to know that I will be able to deliver some happy news to a complete stranger. How great is that?

Just before Christmas I came across www.thetoysociety.com. Well, I just could not resist participating. I found a pattern, cut, sewed, stuffed and dropped off my toy on Christmas Eve en route to visit family. I do not know who found it. I love to (pleasantly) surprise people and this was the perfect chance to do just that. I will definitely be doing it again. Check it out!

I joined the Black & White Quilt Challenge. I have a 1st project in mind and have been building a stash of black and white fabrics. I do not know what my 'color' will be yet - still thinking on that one. With the exception of this challenge, I am limiting myself to using up my stash.

Oh, and I am thinking of joining another challenge - it's all about improvisational quilting. Have to think on this one as I am still a sew by the book kind of gal.

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