And so it begins....

Well, here it is, my blog. I spent many days mulling over titles for my blog - who knew it could be so hard? Am I the only one that searched for just the right phrase to accurately portray the vibe I wanted to get across in my blog? Such pressure. Will anyone read my drivel? Will I get feedback?

I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions. I figure, "Why wait for Jan 1st to start?" Instead I have a mantra for 2009: Just One More. Just One More: smile to a stranger, step taken, laugh, good deed done, 1/4 mile on the treadmill, thought before I take that next bite/buy that unneccessary item, cuddle with our dog, kiss for my husband, carrot, minute of silence, push up, call to a friend, mess cleaned up, piece of fabric cut/sewn, etc. I play it in my mind throughout each day - it pushes me when I want to quit, keeps me in a positive moment, wards off negative thoughts and helps me focus.

This year I will continue to sew more (including trying new techniques) and detox my mind, body, soul, physical environment (clutter) etc.

Jacquie and so very many others have inspired me to get back to sewing/quilting, do some swapping, try new textiles, oh the ideas are endless. My hope is that maybe you will find a small bit of inspiration here.


  1. i remember when i started...no one came for a LONG time! i'll be happy to post about you on my blog and help folks find you quickly. can't wait to see your first project!

  2. Welcome to Blogland!
    It may not seem like it just yet, but people WILL find you -- and it's pretty awesome to find they're coming from everywhere around the globe!
    Good luck and keep posting!

  3. What a great mantra - Just One More! I have recently admitted to the fact that I'm sort of a quitter when things get difficult, so this blog entry is exactly what I needed to read! Thank you, and I look forward to seeing some of your work!