Round Robin - Freestyle

February was the first month in the Around the Bend and Across the Pond round robin virtual bee.  Say that 5 times fast.  My starter block is here.  Due to slow mail and a quick sewist, eh, sewer (which should it be) I received both the pieces for both February and March the other week.  I was able to get my additions made and sent them on to Laney.

Here is Lyndsey's piece.  She actually  made 2 starter blocks.  The 1st one she made took almost 5 weeks to make it across the pond.  So, thinking it might have gotten lost in transit Lyndsey made another second and sent it along with Trudi's piece.  I used both of Lyndsey's starter pieces (the houses bordered in black) and added the grey and blue chevron sections.  Aren't her starter blocks just the cutest?

This is Trudi's block. Lyndsey added some patch work and machine embroidery. I added the mess of 4-patches on the left side. I love how scrappy it is.

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