I am nothing if not

consistently inconsistent when it comes to posting on this blog.  I find that, while my intentions are good, I don't always enjoy the prospect of weeding through photos, cropping, uploading, etc and that lends itself to be an easy excuse not to blog more regularly.  A friend of mine has recently started blogging and she's motivated me to try to be a bit more consistent and thoughtful in my blogging.  How long will it last?  Time will tell.

Happy (belated) New Year!!!  I don't really do resolutions because I figure why wait for the new year to start.  This year a few pals and I started an enabler's club.  Positive enabling.  If we meet our goal(s) for the month then our name goes in to the kitty to get a small value gift card funded by the other participants.  I am doing well so far and am on track for January.  Whenever I feel like wavering, I think of the gift card and how I could use that to buy supplies for lil bit's scrapbook (who knew scrap booking could be so expensive?).  Thanks to a dear friend, I have a number of scrap book pages that I just need to add the photos to and do a bit of journaling.  I'm still about 14 months behind (keep in mind lil bit is only 2) but I am gaining ground.


  1. Scrapbooking was my main hobby before quilting and it is surprising how expensive paper is!!! It is worth it, though, when in years to come you've forgotten all those little things that you have documented in an album. Good luck with the positive enabling!

  2. I gave up scrap booking when I realised how much it was costing me. I spent £30 on just a ring binder album that would take 12 x12 pages and then had to buy inserts and papers and get pictures printed. I wasn't even into the fancy layouts - that would have cost even more. Last year I made a 'blurb' book as I went along and I'm now hoping to get blurb to print them yearly. Still not cheap but better for me!