Exploring free form

I'll admit it.  I used to be soley a pattern / template girl.  It used to be really, really hard for me to stray off the documented path to create something without guidance.  I've gotten a bit better but this year I will be working hard to break away from patterns / templates / guides and be a lot more improvisation and free form in my creative endeavors.  That is one of the reasons I jumped at the chance to join this round robin quilt group.  It is all about free form and using what you have in your stash (another goal of mine for 2012-minimize the stuff).

This is my starter block.  Simple, clean and (intentionally) not quite square (measures ~14" x 15").  The block has arrived safely at Laney's.  Part of me doesn't want to see any 'in progress' photos and just wants to see the final when it arrives back home.  The other, more controlling-cannot-wait-to-find-out part of me wants to stalk flickr awaiting updates as the quilt makes its rounds.

Meanwhile, Lynz has sent her block off already and I'll be the 1st one to add to it.  You should see it-amazing started block.  Off to do some creative thinking.

Total AFFB quilt to date:  $2.65 or so in postage.  That's it!  Fabric, thread, journal, jewels and shipping envelope were all items I had on hand.  Score and score!

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