Hello, helllooo, hellllllloooooo out there!

Pft, Pft.  Is this thing on? Is there anyone still out there.  My dear ol' dad said he stopped by my blog the other day and said nothing had changed.  Ah, yea.  Thanks, dad, for that kick in the butt.  No sense trying to recap the last 6 months - the gist of it is everyone is healthy, accounted for and doing well.

I can hardly believe that the holidays are, well, basically here.  Halloween was fun.  I punked out and bought lil bit a costume in lieu of making one (like I did last year).  So, thanks to mass production and local halloween shops, she was the cutest, smartest Smurfette anyone ever did see.

This time next week I will be knee deep in Holiday Shoppes.  It is the best way I know to kick off the holiday season and do a bit of shoppping all while helping a great organization (yes, I am biased) do some great things in our community.

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