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Well, not really. I started this knitting project back in November as part of a Ravelry group (group: Criminal Minds) mystery shawl KAL. After a few starts (I started over 3x), I finally finished the bind off and blocking last weekend. Now I have to figure out how to wear it. I've been plaiying around with it but, man, I feel kindof dorky wearing it (like it doesn't look right on me or something). I've gotten a few compliments on it (including one from my husband :) ) so I'll keep at it. Plus, I have another smaller shawl on the needles already.

When it comes time to reblock this shawl, I will do so without adding points to the edges. Those have pretty much fallen out already. Also, I may need to invest in some blocking wires if I am going to be knitting more shawls / kerchiefs.

UPDATE:  I spontaenously gifted this to one of the most creative people I know.  If anyone knows how to wear a shawl / wrap this big, Nadine does.

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