Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I hope this holiday finds you safe, healthy and surrounded by those you love, or at least like.
Want to make a turkey shirt for your toddler or yourself?  Yea, ok, file it away for next year.  Or maybe you have a late Thanksgiving event this weekend.

Partial cast of characters:
1.  Sketch out the body shape with a disappearing ink pen (fabric stores have them), pencil, dress makers chalk, etc.  Or, trace your toddler's foot (with a shoe on).
2.  Paint up both hands and stamp on the fabric (I used 100% cotton) overlapping the body lines a bit.  Fill in areas with a paintbrush.  Let dry.
3.  Repeat with other colors.  Set paint per manufacturer directions.
4.  Iron fusible web to the back of a brown piece of fabric.  Cut a turkey body shape and fuse on to the background fabric.  You could sew this on.
5.  Iron fusible web to an orange piece of fabric.  Cut into a triangle shape (this is the beak).
6.  Take a piece of red ribbon and make a loop.  Secure end with fabric glue.  Let dry.
7.  Lay the ribbon in place with the orange beak on top.  Fuse to the body fabric.
8.  Stitch legs and feet with embroidery thread.  Or, sew on a sewing machine, use ribbon, rickrack, whatever you've got on hand.

I made the turkey on a piece of Kona 100% cotton.  Since this is a 1-holiday wear, I wanted to be able to save it.  Attaching it to the shirt with a quick basting stitch allows me to take it off and put it in her scrapbook.

The hair flower clip is a la a tutorial from A Girl and a Glue Gun. Gobble gobble.

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