Happy (belated) Halloween!

In first place, leading the pack by 7 lengths.......

I had every intention of having the costumes done 2 weeks ago. But, like many others, I was sewing at, literally, the last minute - as in moments before we walked out the door. As I've learned, there is a very limited window of opportunity with an 8 month old. And, if you're not ready to go you may miss your chance all together.

I cannot tell you how many times people ask us if we have a saddle for that dog. Well, not I can say, 'yes'. Both dog and infant did great - they were a big hit at all 3 houses we went to. I know, slow down, that's a crazy pace!!! :)

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  1. hysterical :) I can honestly say that is the cutest jockey I have ever seen!