Feeling Productive?

Me? I am. I made May's To-Do list and have already been able to cross off a number of items. Well, I should add that a few of the items on May's list are carry-overs from April!

This past weekend I whipped up 6 blocks for
John. May is John's month for the Buzz Cuts virtual quilting bee. The fabric he sent out was such fun to work with. Around block 5 I started to lose my creative juice. I took a break and was able to come up with a 6th block. John wanted blocks in varied sizes (6.5", 9.5" and 12.5").
Allison, for PTQB May, wanted a curved pieced block. I have never tried curved piecing until this weekend. I am really pretty happy with the results. I love the Drunkards Path block and this placement variation. In fact, I've always wanted to make one but was put off by fear of curved piecing and cutting out a bunch of template pieces. However, after using this tutorial the entire idea is much more palatable. I still don't know that I would have the patience to piece an entire quilt myself but I am sure I can handle a crib sized one.

And, finally, last night I made Chen's block for AQB1. Chen sent out fabric from the much coveted Mendocino line by Heather Ross. I think the purple-y octopi fabric was my favorite. I wanted to keep the fabric pieces as whole as possible so that the patterns were visible. I added a bit of applique and really like the simplicity of the block.

I still have Colleen's block to make (PTQB has 2 participants for May). I've got some ideas brewing and should be able to get it done this week. Then I really have to concentrate and finish up my partner's Mini Quilt in a Bag (due May 31st).


  1. You have been busy! Your curved piece block turned out beautifully. I've bookmarked that link (thanks!) because I too want to try it...wish me luck!

  2. All your blocks look great! I really like the ones for John, that fabric looks like fun! And your curved piecing looks great (I make my sister do mine!) And that last block, love those fabrics!

  3. I love all those fabrics they work so well with your blocks - they look perfectly pieced which makes me very envious - I'm too impatient for perfect corners.

  4. Wow, all your blocks are great! You've been busy lately there..:) I also love at this moment playing with curvy lines and had try make one tutorial of it.
    Have a nice busy quilt day, Sara :)

  5. boy you are kicking some quilt butt!!
    that is a lot of blocks down. im impressed. do you sleep???
    i think my fave is the last heather ross block..too cute

  6. I just found you through Chen - I LOVE the circle you did. I'll have to use that idea in one of my blocks in the future.