Walking, walking, walking

Every day for the last 7+ weeks we have been taking Odin for a 2-4 mile walk. So far, he's only missed 8 out of the 53 days. Some days he goes for a 2 mile walk in the morning and the evening. Yesterday, for example, we walked Odin before work and before dinner for a total of ~5 miles. I also walked 2.5 miles during my lunch break.

Odin looks great. In fact, he's down 5 pounds from when we took him to the vet last fall (not that he needed to lose any weight). We walked Odin during the winter months. However, those walks were shorter and less frequent. Much of his winter exercise consisted of chasing snowballs and couch surfing (he's a pro at both). When we the weather warmed and we started walking longer distances I was a bit concerned that it was too much walking too quickly and that he'd have a stenosis flare up. However, our vet says he looks great and to keep it up.

Dang dog......he's at my goal weight. Well, at least one of us is. But I'm working on it and I'm going to get there, too.

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  1. geez either that dog weighs a lot or you are dinky?? i know he's big, but do great danes really weigh as much as adult women??