April showers...wait, it's May!

It's May 27th - not March! Did someone forget to tell Mother Nature? Woke up to temps below 40, wind and rain. Not exactly the mid-late spring weather I was expecting. The flowers, however, seem to like it. This flowerbed was put in summer of 2007. Many of the perennials were wintersown and planted last summer. The bed has filled in a bit since my last gardening post. The iris (3rd photo) is in a different bed and is blooming like crazy. The upside to less than perfect weather is I don't feel bad staying inside and sewing. Friday I received Jean's fabric for Buzz Cuts June. Jane asked for blocks either 6.5", 9.5" or 12.5" and she likes circles, triangles, squares and rectangles. This is what I came up with (sorry for the poor photo quality):


  1. Love the garden pics!
    And those blocks look great, I love the materials! So funky and bright!

  2. Look at your mini garden, full of flowers!
    the blocks look cheery & happy :)