Lists and a listing dog

I like lists. What I like most about lists is the feeling of accomplishment when I can cross an item off 'The List'. I am not opposed to breaking items in to smaller, more manageable tasks which can often lead to a lengthy list. I like my lists to be neat and clean. No smudges, no scratched out items due to improper spelling, only 1 color of ink. I have lists for work and lists for home. February's creative list is starting to take shape:
1. Buzz Cuts (Feb) virtual bee - mail blocks
2. Finish curvy black and white tablerunner
3. Pieced Together Quilting Bee - sew and mail block
4. Choco / Fabric swap - gather items and mail out (by 2/17)
5. Pieced Together Quilting Bee - get my fabric ready and send out to participants (goal: 02/21)
6. Swap Til You Drop - Anything Goes - make and send (by 02/28)
7. Swap Til You Drop - Paper Pieced - make and send by (02/28)
8. Hop, Skip and Slip - finish cutting out fabric (for my nephew)

Odin, our dog, has stenosis (vertebrae compression of the spinal cord - some breeders call it 'Wobblers'). As needed, as determined by us, we put him on prednisone (our vet has approved this and has provided us w/ proper dose and weening info). He's on it right now and usually responds really well to it. This time Odin seems to be a bit slower to respond. Or, is it my imagination? Is it more the fact that he's, in dane years, past middle aged (Odin is 4 1/2 years old)? Odin gets around, up and off the couch and beds just fine. He just seems to be a bit more hitchy, lists to one side or the other a bit more than normal. Time will tell. For now, I am going to make some room on the couch for me and give him a good cuddle!


  1. oh dane on the couch...
    I used to have a GD (& DH used to breed with 1st wife) .. Im sorry to hear yours has a chronic health issue. I had mine for about 6 years(a rescue) till she passed.
    Nothing better than to curl up on the couch with a great dane in the winter.

  2. odin is so cute...hope he gets better soon.

  3. There is nothing like a big cuddly friend. We have a rescue mutt who weighs in at about 145lbs! He is a big loverboy! I hope Oden is feeling better soon.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my OWOH giveaway post! Your great dane looks like a sweetie. I hope he gets better quick!

  5. Sorry to hear your baby is feeling bad. Hopefully he'll be feeling better soon. What a cutie.