Pay It Forward and Sewing Room

I have 2 of the 3 participants needed for Pay It Forward. Surely there is someone out there that wants to received a handmade gift and then share the experience with 3 other people? All you need to is post your comment and I'll fill you in on the details (you can also scroll down a bit on my blog for more details). Edited to add: This round of of PIF is closed as I have 3 great ladies signed up to participate. Thanks.

This is my sewing room. It's really quite spacious (largest and coldest bedroom in the house). I am thankful that I have this room for my use. However, I want to change it. I don't know exactly how yet. I like things to be neat and orderly or atleast somewhat so and this room is driving me nuts. I have 2 pieces of furniture that were purchased specifically for sewing: the wood table I sew on came from craigslist and a cutting table I bought a number of years ago from Joanne's (which fits perfectly in the dormer). The couch was a hand-me-down from my MIL. It's a sleeper and she barely used it. It really is in great shape. The pattern does not work for me and I would really rather have a drying rack to put my WIPs on. We have a spare room for guests w/ a full size bed plus a full size, elevated aero bed. I think we are covered if we have company (we have very, very few sleepover visits). But, what do we do w/ the couch? Put it in the basement, up on wood and covered to limit dust? We really do not have any other place to put it then in my sewing room. I have not done anything to the room since we moved in 5 1/2 years ago. Any thoughts, ideas?

Just One More trip past the office candy bowl w/o taking anything and heading to the fridge for a carrot instead!


  1. I would put in shelves all along those lower walls. Do you have to keep the couch? Can you sell it, or give it to Goodwill or something? If no offense would be given by doing that, I would just get rid of it! If not, consign it to the basement.

    I just finished a massive redo of my sewing area. My space is nowhere near as big as yours (lucky you!) but maybe you could glean some ideas! ~ Jennie


  2. How jealous I am of your room. I wouldn't care what it looked like - my sewing is done at the kitchen table and I usually spread my self out amongst every work bench and then into the living room - not very convenient really!!!

  3. Hi Sara,
    I'm in for the pay it forward if you still need someone. Let me know! :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment about the haircut. Take your time with the swap, I know I'll love it. Saw your beautiful repro spiderweb mini! Wow. Love that!

    I think I've finally wrapped up the rest of your stuff so be on the lookout for happy mail. :)

  4. I love love love your sewing room! I have mine in the middle of the living/dining/kitchen floor. (its a split level house). I would join your pif but I am already in one....

    I awarded you an award, stop by and pick it up!

  5. I would keep the couch, turn it the other way so it's back is against that sloped ceiling wall. Make yourself a little hand sewing nook. Get a little end table and good lamp and call it good! You could also read here. Make it your little sanctuary. :o)

  6. If you sew a lot, you might enjoy a flannel-covered wall so that you can hang up your blocks and view them from afar. What about that wall that is behind your couch? Is it big enough to create a display wall? I'll keep thinking. I love to think about the creative spaces.
    C. Jaeger

  7. I second the design wall! I would be very sad with out mine (I have about 16 feet)
    and the low shelving ..
    I would mock up some little pieces of furniture and a nice grid of my space and move things around.
    Check the library for some space planning ideas (not just sewing rooms but studios in general)
    I would keep the couch(laura said it best) ... address lighting... and don't forget a great ironing space.
    I would put my chair so I could see the best possible view from that window and then build from there.

    The room looks great and I know you will make it great.
    Im just finishing a redo-ish phase (are we ever really done?) and will write about it soon.
    I used kitchen fixtures from Ikea.
    Its late...

  8. The slope of the eaves would lend themselves to having deep (say 50" to accomodate fabric sevedge to selvedge)storage cupboards built in underneath that were cutting table height. Top part of it with a cutting mat and another with an ironing surface. I am sure your new studio will inspire you.

  9. Hi Sara,
    I reorganized my sewing room right after Christmas this year. Must be the new year that gets people thinking about organizing. I agree with the previous posts about the design wall and shelves. But have you considered getting those rolling carts (usually about $15 at Wal-Mart) or you can get the more expensive wire carts, they would fit well under those slanted ceilings. I find it's convienent for me to have my ironing board right next to my sewing table. I also have a table that is specifically used for cutting fabric (put it on bed risers to make it the right height). I also put the rolling carts under that table for storage. The idea of a hand sewing area sounds good but perhaps you can find a confortable chair instead to conserve space? Lighting is always an important consideration. You might want to get different pendant lights that you can plug in so you can put light in specific areas. I also decided to start storing my fabrics in project tubs instead of only by color (since I have so many works in progress.) I found some great clear tubs at Wal-Mart that fit perfectly on my shelves. You can see more pictures of my sewing room on my blog. Good luck and post update photos!