Awards and giveaways!

Giveaway: You absolutely must check out Kim's blog. She is having a giveway in honor of her 100th post. Be sure to take a look the bottom of her blog as she has some great 'thoughts to live by'.

I was finally able to successfully use the fab-u-motion unit for my Pfaff to finish quilting Jan's mini-quilt for my swap partner. The theme was 'Sing it, Watch it, Read it'. My partner gave me 3 book titles and I got to use one of them as inspiration for the mini-quilt. I had been struggling with the free motion quilting - it had become a battle of wills. Thankfully, Nadine, my Pfaff dealer, is a peach and patiently answered all my questions while encouraging me to keep at it. This is only the 2nd mini-quilt I have made and this is the 1st time I've designed something myself w/ no pattern to go by. It came out pretty close to the image I had in my head. Hey, I guess that's improv sewing!
We had company this morning. The photo below was actually taken earlier this month. This morning they were laying down in the yard and I could not fit them all in one frame. Not really the kind of visitors one expects when they live in the city.

I was already in a great mood this morning. Then, to make everything even better, I found out that Sara had nominated me for an award!!! Thank you, Sara, for thinking of me!Now, I am supposed to list 5 addictions and pass this award on to 5 other blogs. The 1st 3 addictions came to me super easily but I had to give thought to the last 2. Below are my addictions, in no particular order, followed by the 5 blogs I nominated.

1) Shoes - thankfully we don't have a Neiman Marcus near me. Although, www.zappos.com does have free shipping (both ways).

2) Food - there is no way around it, I am a food junkie.

3) Positivity - in my world, I like to surround myself w/ positive people, thoughts, images, vibes, etc.

4) Sweets - sporadically.

5) Fabric - this is an ebb and flow kind of addictions. I can go months w/o wanting to buy fabric and then something snaps and I go on a binge.

Now, the the 5 blogs I nominated:

1) Jacquie at Tall Grass Prairie Studio. Stumbling across Jacquie's blog really motivated me to get back to more sewing and think outside the box. I always find inspiration on her blog.

2) Nadine at Imagine...If Wishes Wore Wings. Nadine is wildly creative, patient, supportive and just generally terrific. She always has some great new technique and / or project to share.

3) Upstate Lisa. You need to go and check out the improv Aloha quilt she did! It's terrific!

4) Jill. She is always cooking, baking, sewing, crafting up something great.

5) Tonya. You want to learn how to free piece letters? Than Tonya's blog is the place to go. Scroll through her blog and see the interesting places that she draws inspiration from (signs, houses, etc).

Just One More...moment taken to enjoy the falling snow and not worry about shoveling.


  1. I like the couch. Odin likes the couch. I say we keep the couch.

  2. sara, thanks so much...this is so nice of you. i'll get this done in the next couple of days. so glad you started blogging!