Bathroom Reno day 4

At the end of day 4 the tub is in place, walls in tub are ready to tile, floor is ready to go in, medicine cabinet is mostly in, plumbing is done (except for hooking up tub fixtures), newly found outlet is wired and ready to go. And there is dust. Everywhere. I mean everywhere in what seems like every room in the house. Add that to the dog hair and pine needles and I cannot keep up with the cleaning. And, let's be honest, there are so many other things to do that are much more fun than cleaning!

The chair rail is primed and will be painted white. The wall below the chair rail is going to be a slate/grey/blue color. I wanted to go darker and a bit more dramatic. However, to maintain marital bliss, we compromised. I like the color and think (*hope*) it will look good on the walls and blend nicely with the new floor and bath tile.

All in all, we are on track to have a completed bathroom by end of next week at the latest. Do you see that recessed area in the shower? There is a role of tape sitting in there now. Anyway, it's not exactly where I wanted it (wanted it lower on the wall) but I think this will be just fine and it has a bit of character as it mimics the roof line.


  1. Bet you can't wait till its all finished... sure is looking good - and I love the piping on your mini leaf quilt, very cool!

  2. Hope now your bathroom is all finnished! Just a quick hi and Happy Thanksgiving to you :)