Bathroom Redo Day Two

After ~3 hours of work yesterday the Corning milkglass tile, toilet, sink and flooring were all removed. Day 1 was a success and gives me hope that all will be done by Nov 20th. Uncovered an electrical box w/ wires in the wall by the window. Hoping its live (glad it's never been a problem before) so we can have a 2nd outlet in the bathroom. See that black, rectangular box to the left of the window? That's our heating duct. Now, I'm not an advanced scientist or anything, but I do know that heat rises. So, why would anyone put a heat duct 1/2 way up a way, near a window, in a 2nd floor bathroom? I should not complain as our 1/2 bath on the 1st floor does not have any heating duct.
End of day 2 and ~6 hours of work. The plumbing for the sink has been done (had to move so we can center the sink on the wall) and the toilet plumbing has been updated to copper. Luan is on the floor in the sink and toilet area. Big, brown adhesive dots have been sanded off the wall. Monday the tub comes out! Of course, our tub is not standard size and the new tub is 2 inches longer so a bit of framing needs to be done. Here's hoping they don't run in to a lot of damaged wood when they pull the tub and tile out.

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