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PTQB August 2
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Ya-ha-whoey!!! I have all but 1 of the August virtual bee blocks done. Jody was very specific about what she wanted - sent us templates and cutting guide. This is going to be a fun quilt top a la Denyse Schmidt.

Approximately 2 months ago I got a project that was going to take me away from home 4 days/week (turns out I only had to travel for 3 weeks). So, seeing how I was not going to take my sewing machine along with me, I decided to pick up a new hobby.....knitting. Yup, who does not have time for another hobby? Ok, let's say you find the time.....where to find the money to buy the supplies and then the room to store everything. My very compulsive, organizing self is having a hard time with the new supplies. My 'space' is looking a bit disheveled and full. I've already completed 1 project and have 2 others going. I have the next one picked out ... more on that later. Ok, honestly? I have supplies at home for the next 6 projects.

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  1. Hi Sara..
    Addicted to knit? Love to see your work :)