Bit by bit

I am getting some projects done. Today I sewed up Marja's spiderweb block for the 6"-12" mini swap group. I really enjoyed going through my scraps to put this block together....it was a trip down memory lane reminding me of past projects and some people I had not thought of in a long while.
A bit ahead of the game, I also got Mary's block for Buzz Cuts July. Mary asked for stars in 12.5", 9.5" or 6.5". She very generously sent lots of great fabric. I, however, mis-cut, misjudged, mis-sewed, mis-everything and only had enough to do one 12.5" block. Even then, I ran out of the fabric and had to improvise. Even though it did not come out as planned, I really do like the finished block.I took on a new assignment at work that will send me to the SE side of Pittsburgh area every other week from now until, oh, mid-September. No fabric / quilt store nearby (at least that google.com came up with). So, in lieu of sewing maybe I'll take up some knitting or find a place to volunteer at while I am there. I am not really looking forward to being gone so much of the summer but it's a good opportunity and, in this economy, I'm hesitant to say "no" when higher ups ask me to consider a project.


  1. I have to admit that the first time I saw a spiderweb block I didn't really like it, but they are quickly growing on me! This mini version is just too cute.

    I have a very good friend in Pittsburgh. She's originally from central New York as well. I'm sure she would love to meet someone from "home". Check out her site www.amyshortart.com

  2. Looks like you've been busy! I love the mini spiderweb, super cute.
    Happy belated Birthday to your sweet boy Odin, hope he had a special day, somehow I'm sure he did!